GMC Yukon Hybrid: The “Green” SUV

2011 GMC Yukon Hybrid at Love Buick GMC in Columbia, SCWhile many people are shying away from buying SUVs because of the price of fuel and environmental concerns, there is now a way to get the benefits of an SUV while saving money at the gas pump. The GMC Yukon Hybrid is one of those vehicles and according to GMC it has “43% better city fuel economy than any full-size SUV in its class.” Here are some of the features and benefits of the Yukon Hybrid:


Vortec 6.0L V8 Engine

One of the interesting features of the Vortec engine is that it uses a new technology called Active Fuel Management. The engine is able to temporarily turn off four of its cylinders when it gets to a certain speed. Since the driver isn’t utilizing the full power of the engine, less fuel is being consumed. If the driver needs to speed up quickly, however, all eight cylinders are turned back on to increase acceleration.

Fuel-Efficiency Gauge

Another useful feature of the Yukon Hybrid is the fuel economy gauge. It allows the driver to see how well the vehicle is operating and whether fuel is being used efficiently. The gauge is similar to any other display seen behind the steering wheel, such as the fuel gauge. It has a needle to indicate the level of efficiency, and the needle points straight up when the vehicle is operating at its optimal level.

Hybrid Power Flow Display

Since the vehicle can be operated using the battery or a combination of both the battery and engine, GMC has included a hybrid power flow display to show the driver which system is being used at a particular time. It also shows when the battery is being charged.

For drivers looking for the functionality of an SUV but who also want the benefits of a hybrid, the GMC Yukon Hybrid is one of the best options. Call Love Buick GMC at (877) 289-2137 or come visit us at 736 Saturn Parkway, Columbia, SC 29212.


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