GMC Yukon Hybrid: The “Green” SUV

2011 GMC Yukon Hybrid at Love Buick GMC in Columbia, SCWhile many people are shying away from buying SUVs because of the price of fuel and environmental concerns, there is now a way to get the benefits of an SUV while saving money at the gas pump. The GMC Yukon Hybrid is one of those vehicles and according to GMC it has “43% better city fuel economy than any full-size SUV in its class.” Here are some of the features and benefits of the Yukon Hybrid:


Vortec 6.0L V8 Engine

One of the interesting features of the Vortec engine is that it uses a new technology called Active Fuel Management. The engine is able to temporarily turn off four of its cylinders when it gets to a certain speed. Since the driver isn’t utilizing the full power of the engine, less fuel is being consumed. If the driver needs to speed up quickly, however, all eight cylinders are turned back on to increase acceleration.

Fuel-Efficiency Gauge

Another useful feature of the Yukon Hybrid is the fuel economy gauge. It allows the driver to see how well the vehicle is operating and whether fuel is being used efficiently. The gauge is similar to any other display seen behind the steering wheel, such as the fuel gauge. It has a needle to indicate the level of efficiency, and the needle points straight up when the vehicle is operating at its optimal level.

Hybrid Power Flow Display

Since the vehicle can be operated using the battery or a combination of both the battery and engine, GMC has included a hybrid power flow display to show the driver which system is being used at a particular time. It also shows when the battery is being charged.

For drivers looking for the functionality of an SUV but who also want the benefits of a hybrid, the GMC Yukon Hybrid is one of the best options. Call Love Buick GMC at (877) 289-2137 or come visit us at 736 Saturn Parkway, Columbia, SC 29212.


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The Spacious, Luxurious 2011 GMC Acadia

2011 GMC Acadia at Love Buick GMC in Columbia, SCThe GMC Acadia is a SUV that has the capacity to fit eight people within its doors. If car owners need more space for equipment, they can fold the seats down from the second and third rows and have more space for these essential things. The fact that it can fit so many people and so much cargo makes this SUV a stand out among other SUVs on the market at the moment. This reason alone leads reviewers to believe that the Acadia is a better deal than a larger SUV; larger SUVs do not receive as high of gas mileage as the Acadia does and they are generally, much more expensive than the Acadia.

Along with being a spacious vehicle, it is an SUV that has a gas mileage that is within the range of high gas mileage SUVs such as SUV hybrids; the Acadia receives 17 miles per gallon when driven on surface streets and 24 miles per gallon when operated on highways.

The newest feature for the 2011 version of the Acadia is a rear-view camera. This 2010 Acadia received an excellent rating of 10.0 in the area of safety.

GMC offers its owners the capability to make phone calls hands-free. To keep the steering wheel at a comfortable temperature, the manufacturers have added leather wrapping. It also boasts one of the latest features to come to vehicles lately, which are heating and cooling of the seats.

The GMC Acadia surely is a sight to see. Come see it at Love Buick GMC at 736 Saturn Parkway, Columbia, SC 29212 or give us a ring at (877) 289-2137!


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Why I love the Buick Enclave

2011 Buick Enclave at Love Buick GMC in Columbia, SCWith more than a century old heritage of producing fine passenger sedans, Buick has joined the crossover revolution of the modern auto market. The latest Buick Enclave is a luxurious crossover that is designed with the family in mind. The CX, CX1 and CX2 are the available choices that can be customized with optional features.

Some of the most important features of a family-friendly vehicle, include seating, cargo, safety and digital entertainment. The Buick Enclave meets all of these demands for parents and children.

The spacious interior of the Enclave consists of three rows of seating that can accommodate seven or eight passengers. There is also plenty of space between seats for kids to stretch out their legs. Both back row seats easily fold when moving large cargo. With tri-zone climate controls, everyone in this crossover will be equally cooled or warmed up.

The luxurious interior of the Buick Enclave includes leather seating in titanium or cocoa trim, accented by wood mahogany. The state-of-the-art audio system and rear-seat entertainment system will provide plenty of fun during long road trips. Also, the innovative windshields and doors use the latest acoustic technology to keep unwanted external noises out of the interior. While talking about electronics, it is worth mentioning the built in navigation system and Bluetooth compatibility with phones. Additionally, the rearview camera system comes in handy when shifting the vehicle in reverse.

Featuring a 3.6L V6 engine, the Buick Enclave generates 288 HP via a six-speed automatic transmission system. Getting 17 MPG in the city and 22 MPG on the highway, the Enclave has some of the highest fuel efficiency ratings in its class.

Safety is also a top priority in the design of the Buick Enclave. This is evident from the all-around air bag system, OnStar service plans and four-wheel ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) brakes. Additionally, the low suspension height and wide track guarantees a stable ride.

Come test drive the Buick Enclave at Love Buick GMC at 736 Saturn Parkway, Columbia, SC 29212. Call today at (877) 289-2137.

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2011 GMC Canyon

 GMC Canyon at Love Buick GMC Dealership in Columbia SCThe 2011 GMC Canyon can act as a family vehicle or pick-up truck. The Canyon features two tier loading meaning that it can be used to haul more and secure it better thanks to the truck’s four bed anchors just waiting for tie strips. The Canyon can also come with a Power Convenience Package that includes power door locks, power windows, remote keyless entry, manual folding mirrors, and inside rearview automatic dimming mirrors that includes the temperature and a compass display.

The interior of the Canyon provides luxurious comfort with its 8-way power heated and cooled seats. The Canyon can fit up to six people and also features lumbar control and power recline. The 2011 Canyon extended cab version also includes underseat storage that allows extra storage for tools or other items.

For those looking to tow and haul with the Canyon, it offers several features that will make the job easier. The truck has a dual-position tailgate that enables it to be all the way down or half way down making it easier to haul long objects. Additionally, the Canyon is designed with an Eaton Automatic Locking Rear Differential that helps distribute power to both of the truck’s rear wheels.

The Canyon won’t disappoint those looking for the newest in technology. It features Bluetooth capabilities, XM satellite radio and OnStar. The 2011 Canyon is also designed with the best safety features to ensure that all passengers are safe. The truck features 360 degrees of protection meaning that it has rear, front, and side airbags that will deploy in the case of an accident.

For individuals looking for a vehicle that can serve as both a family vehicle and pick-up truck, the 2011 Canyon is an excellent choice. See for yourself at Love Buick GMC at 736 Saturn Parkway, Columbia, SC 29212!

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GMC Terrain: Feature-Packed Crossover

2011 GMC Terrain at Love Buick GMC in Columbia, SCGMC has made it very easy to own an affordable, feature-packed crossover SUV. The Terrain offers a roomy interior, plenty of power and enough cargo area for the entire family. Choice of two engines, chrome package and superb interior refinements make this vehicle a bargain.

Buyers can select from a 2.4L or 3.0L engine, the latter delivering upwards of 225 horsepower. The 6-speed automatic transmission makes for smooth acceleration and the exceptional 32 MPG highway fuel economy on the 2.4L base trim is unbeatable. The Terrain has 4-wheel anti-lock brakes and includes the marvelous Stabilitrak electronic stability control system, giving peace of mind to the driver when tackling tough terrain or driving in inclement weather.

17-inch aluminum or 18-inch machined aluminum wheels are standard on the Terrain. The charcoal grille with chrome surround is impressive, as is the luggage rack and crossbars. Solar Ray deep-tinted glass, daytime running lights and the option of manual or power liftgate accent the package nicely, as does the power sunroof with tilt-slide, available on the uplevel trim.

Inside there is plenty of room for passengers in the spacious cabin. Single-zone air conditioning and climate control, numerous front and rear passenger assist handles, power programmable door locks, a superb sound system with eight speakers, a well-designed driver information center and rear view camera system are features not found on many competing models in the economy SUV class.

Safety is built into every nook and cranny of the Terrain. Airbags for all rows, LATCH system for children, Automatic Crash Response, stolen vehicle assistance, tire pressure monitoring system and OnStar® service is included in every Terrain. GMC has made it clear that safety is the number one priority in its crossover line of vehicles, and the inclusion of all this on an economy model is testament to the company attitude.

Comparing prices on crossover vehicles results in some raised eyebrows, especially when Terrain is thrown into the mix. This car is an exciting combination of great looks, power, safety and amenities, all starting at less than $25,000.

Get to know the Terrain for yourself! Contact Love Buick GMC at (877) 289-2137 or 736 Saturn Parkway, Columbia, SC 29212 today!

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GMC Yukon: One Tough SUV

GMC Yukon at Love Buick GMC Dealership in Columbia SCStarting at under $39,000 the GMC Yukon is absolutely loaded with features. This tough SUV has the power to carry a full load of passengers and cargo in extreme comfort in any driving conditions. The numerous options allow customers to build the Yukon of their choice, and deciding on the interior and exterior features is a pleasant task.

Under the hood is the powerful Vortec 5.3L V-8 engine, capable of mustering 320 horsepower. The 6-speed automatic transmission is the perfect complement to this power source and the vehicle rides smoothly on independent coil-over-shock front suspension and multi-link coil rear suspension. The 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes are standard equipment on all trims, and the locking rear differential is an added bonus at no extra charge.

Standard 17-inch bright aluminum wheels can easily be upgraded to 20-inch chrome clad, and the front and rear color-keyed fascia is one of the exterior trademarks of this vehicle. The air dam is as functional as it is eye-catching, the antenna is integrated into the rear glass, and the Yukon can be fitted with a complete premium smooth ride suspension package. Those wanting more chrome can order a special trim with plenty of shine around the front grille.

The roomy interior features tri-zone climate control, padded armrests, a beautifully designed driver information console that is functionality programmable, a superb Bose sound system linked to the audio console, MP3 playback, floor console and Bluetooth®. The audio system can be controlled from the rear seating area, and in case there is need for additional storage, the seats fold to increase the cargo volume to 109 cubic feet.

GMC has redesigned the safety features in all its vehicles, including the crossovers. The Yukon now has a complete set of dual-stage frontal airbags, seat-mounted side impact bags in the front and head curtain airbags in the rear seating area. The Stabilitrak electronic stability system is unmatched in the industry, and Yukon comes standard with a complete OnStar® package. The rearview camera system and remote vehicle start are available as options.

All in all, the Yukon is one tough SUV. Add to the powerful performance engine the luxury of the cabin and the endless add-on possibilities and GMC has delivered the ultimate in crossover engineering. Get to know the Yukon for yourself at Love Buick GMC today!

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Why Does the GMC Canyon Have Bragging Rights When It Comes to Its Looks?


GMC Canyon at Love Buick GMC in Columbia South CarolinaWhen you are a truck owner, the look of your vehicle is almost as important as what lies under the hood. Every truck owner likes having horsepower to handle tough jobs and if they said otherwise, then they are lying. Most truck owners enjoy customizing their truck to match their personality.

The GMC Canyon extended cab offers many standard exterior features and options for you to choose from so you can make the truck your own. The GMC Canyon has an Ebony air dam on all the Canyon models and a bedliner to help protect the bed from getting scratched and beat up.

The GMC Canyon has your choice of wheels to choose from starting with 16” aluminum wheels, chrome clad wheels, and steel wheels. If you want larger wheels on your Canyon, you can have 17” chrome clad wheels or 18” midnight silver wheels put on to really stand out.

The Canyon comes equipped with the Heavy Duty Suspension Package with the option of having the Sport Suspension or the Z71 High Stance Off Road Package installed instead.

If you want to add special features and options on the GMC Canyon extended cab, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you want more information on the 2011 GMC Canyon, please contact (877) 289-2137 or stop by Love Buick GMC to test drive one today!




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Get to Know the GMC Acadia

GMC Acadia at Love Buick GMC in Columbia South CarolinaA crossover SUV, the 2011 GMC Acadia is a fantastic all around vehicle. It comes in either front or all wheel drive and has a 3.6 liter V6 engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission. The exterior of the Acadia is both attractive and trendy that won’t leave those looking for an attractive, yet effecient crossover SUV dissapointed. In fact, this little SUV can even tow! For those looking to potentially haul or tow with the Acadia, the towing capacity comes in at 5,200 pounds.

The interior is nothing to scoff at either. With the capability of seating 7 with 2nd row bucket seats, the Acadia is an excellent family car. The Acadia can also feature a skyscape dual sunroof to allow driver and passengers to enjoy the sunshine. However, that’s not the end of the luxurious extras! The Acadia also features heated and cooled front seats. The Acadia doesn’t lack the latest technological features. It has the capability to link in a wireless cell phone and includes a satellite radio that provides real time traffic updates. The SUV also offers Bluetooth capabilities, OnStar, a Bose audio system featuring 10 speakers, a navigation system, USB port, and rearview camera. The Acadia even offers remote control start in addition to a backseat DVD entertainment system. The Acadia offers an abundance of space and even offers 24.1 cubic feet of storage space.

Designed for to keep passengers safe, the Acadia has excellent safety features. The SUV features traction control, Antilock Brake Systems, antiskid systems, curtain-side airbags, and front-side airbags. The Acadia also features stability and traction control, as well as tire-pressure monitoring for safe driving.

Check out the Acadia for yourself at Love Buick GMC. Visit us at 736 Saturn Parkway, Columbia, SC 29212 for a test drive today!

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2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali

GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali at Love Buick GMC in Columbia SCThe 2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali will not let those looking for an excellent heavy duty pickup down. With a brand new frame design featuring a full boxed, high steel frame, it is one durable truck! The new steel frame, in addition to adding durability, allows for better suspension when turning and an overall better ride. With a duramax diesel engine that boasts 397 HP and 765lb of torque, this is one strong truck.

The interior of the 2011 Sierra is just as classy as the exterior; it features leather seats and wood tones with brushed metal accents. However, one of the most impressive features of the interior is the climate controlled seats. No matter whether you need a seat warmer in the winter or a cooler seat in the summer, the seats of the 2011 Sierra have both options. In fact, even the steering wheel is heated! For those looking for a great sound system, the 2011 Sierra has it. The truck features a Bose Centerpoint Sound System that allows drivers to experience a loud, clear sound system.

In addition to its impressive interior, the 2011 Sierra is designed for towing and hauling. The truck is equipped with trailer sway control that works together with StabiliTrak to sense when a trailer is swaying and reduce the swaying by using both the brakes and engine of the truck to do so. While traditional trucks require you to purchase a separate braking system for trailers, the Sierra is designed with one right on the dash. Other features for towing and hauling include Hill Start Assist, automatic grade braking, and large rotors.

The Sierra is designed with top of the line safety features including “360 safety” meaning that the truck has front, rear, and side airbags.

Get to know the Sierra at Love Buick GMC! Call us at (877) 289-2137 or visit us at 736 Saturn Parkway, Columbia, SC 29212 today!

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Get to Know the Buick LaCrosse

Buick LaCrosse at Love Buick GMC Dealership in Columbia SCPure luxury and tasteful design are the best phrases to use when describing the Buick LaCrosse. This sedan gives the driver a feeling of complete control, and the passengers along for the ride experience one of the roomiest rear seating areas available on the market today. LaCrosse allows drivers to use the power of the vehicle according to their needs with 21st century technology built into the sensor array and shift controls. Buick promised a car that operates on a need-to-perform basis, and it delivered with the gorgeous LaCrosse.

The exterior of the sedan is dominated by the flowing lines, which start up front with the swept look of the grille and wraparound headlamps. The CX trim is equipped with a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine that delivers 182 horsepower, while the uplevel CXS houses a larger 3.6L V-6 that generates 280 horsepower while still offering an estimated 27 mpg highway fuel efficiency. 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is now the standard on most Buick vehicles and this combination of power and the tap up/down driver shift puts the vehicle operator in complete control of the ride.

LaCrosse can be had with 5 different wheel types depending on individual taste. The popular Solar Ray glass and halogen composite headlamps are standard equipment on the LaCrosse as is the switchable daytime running lamps and structureless wiper blades. An extremely oversized sunroof is available on the CXL and CXS, while bright body side moldings are standard on all trims.

Multi-position power driver and front passenger seats, air filtration system, air conditioning with single or dual zone climate control, rear window defogger, integral rear antenna, advanced driver information display and a multitude of assist handles, cup holders, pockets and padding make the LaCrosse a luxurious ride for passengers. And safety comes first in the form of front and side airbags, crash response protection, child safety rear door locks, programmable door locks with lockout protection, and Stabilitrak electronic stability system in every LaCrosse vehicle.

Quite simple luxury at every turn and a driving experience that makes the car one with its owner. Priced competitively with other upscale family sedans, the LaCrosse impresses inside and out.

To learn more about the LaCrosse, visit Love Buick GMC at 736 Saturn Parkway, Columbia, SC 29212 today!

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